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On this site, you have the opportunity to get acquainted with the paintings of Tamara Kozakova-Merenkova. She is better known under her artist name Kometa Mara (КМ). Graduated from the International University of Kiev, she worked at the Ministry of Culture of the Stavropol region, Russia. Since 2004, she lives in Belgium.
It is only painting and music that make it possible to say what is impossible to express with words. KM chose the path of painting. His drawing contains elements of realism, but always seeks to go further. KM has a predilection for oil painting, which allows her to maximize tonal variation to explore a wider range of effects. For this Russian artist, creation is a real passion.
KM's works are distinguished by a strong emotional charge, a variety of genres and techniques and the richness of the themes: nude, portrait, landscape, still life, copies of the works of the great masters. The works of the artist make us think about the essence of life, its eternity and its ephemeral nature. The personal experiences of the artist are transmitted through the centuries-old know-how of the painters of the past. Realism can describe the shape of an object while Impressionism shows us the world in the mosaic of nuanced colors.
KM works in the style of modern realism by combining classical school and impressionism. It is impossible to translate the sigh of the wind into the leaves of a weeping willow, the play of shadow and light in a wood or the tenderness of a rose petal into abstract, glaring spots. The air is an ultimate wonder, its colors accented and the light scattered. And it is only the realism that reproduces these wonders, the strokes of the brush to feel the warmth of the sun, the scent of apricots and lilacs. Some might call this approach romantic. The artist aspires instead to share his vision of life.
KM can reproduce any existing object on the canvas, but its trademarks are our little companions: cats and dogs. They often come back to work. The animals surround the artist in his life, which is why they appear alive on his paintings.
KM is self-taught and first brushed at the age of 48. At present, she is happy to share her knowledge with her students.
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